Foggy Bummers Eco-Friendly Talcum Powder.  Aluminium Shaker Tin. Talc-Non-Talc. Chalk Free Talcum Powder. Sustainable Skincare. Self-Care


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200ml Aluminium Shaker

Do you suffer from boob sweat of epic proportions? Hot flushes equivalent to a blast furnace? Chaffed until you can’t chaff no more? 

Then fret no more Talc-non-Talc is here to soothe your woes.

As the name suggests there is no chalk here. Just a gentle silky-smooth powder that absorbs moisture without parching the skin.

Talc-non-Talc isn’t just for the tatas either, it’s lovely as a deodorant for those who like to powder, rather than paste their pits.

As someone who knows that come Summer, the struggle is real, I swear by it.

Fresh out the bath, dry then pat on a little powder into the cracks and crevices to stay calm and collected.

Anti-fungal and suitable for Athletes Foot, heat rashes, skin irritations and chaffed skin.

This is made-to-order skin food, please use within 6 months of purchase. 
Store in a cool and dry place. 

Cornmeal Flour
Lavender Oil (Lavendula)
Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin)