COP26 - WWF and The Great Scottish Canvas

Nan Shepherd Digital Art

Inspired by Sir David Attenborough, and the ground-breaking series Life on Earth, I joined the World Wildlife Fund when I was a wee girl. So as an environmentalist and artist, when I saw the opportunity to submit an art work to The Great Scottish Canvas in conjunction with COP26 in Glasgow, it was a no brainer.

My hubby had given me an iPad Pro for Christmas, so I started tinkering with digital art. Some art aficionados poo-poo the medium of digital technology, and don't consider it real art. I say it's horses for courses. One person's Picasso is another's unmade bed. 

I'd describe myself as an intuitive artist, there's no real planning. I take an idea and begin. I then let creativity and intuition guide my hand. Although, I've had quite a few of what Bob Ross would call 'happy accidents'.

Fey is a collage and one of my first creations using digital technology. I combined Nan Shepherd's portrait (from the Scottish five pound note) and married it with some of my landscape photography, and an image of my eye.

This is my homage to Scottish Modernist writer and poet, Nan Shepherd.

Feyness is the iridescent exhilaration that comes over climbers, making them appear in Shepherd’s words “a little mad in the eyes of those who do not climb”.

The design is inspired by my love of Nan’s writing and the mountain memoir The Living Mountain. As a keen hillwalker, her words are as essential as a map and compass. It is my hope that the artwork will guide more people to Shepherd
and her writing, so they can see nature through her eyes. Perhaps then, they will care a little more for the very thing that sustains us all. However small the change, as Greta Thunberg proves, you are never too wee to make a difference.

I was overjoyed when I received the news that my submission had been chosen. For my art to represent Scotland and the crucial discussion of Climate Change is a huge honour. To be in presence of not only other talented creatives but my hero, Sir David Attenborough is a dream come true.

My submission also proves it's wise to ignore that inner saboteur and it's always worth giving it a go, the worst they can say is no x


Glasgow Science Centre-COP26-WWF Scotland
Glasgow Science Centre 

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  • So proud of you and your accomplishment Kirsteen, how cool are you????
    I want to go look at your plates. It is amazing what a gorgeous complex work you made on your first digital go. How inspiring for all of us to keep dipping our toes in where they want to dip. :) And the acceptance of your work in the conference is a sign of how meant to be your work in that medium is.
    You know the work brings to mind surrealist painter Remedios Varo and the great Italian product designer…Fornasetti, I think that is his name and.. other wonderful artists I love.
    Anyway, congratulations to you!
    FoggyBummers replied:
    Dear Thea As humbled as I am to be mentioned in the same breath as Remedios Varo and Fornasetti; you are as much an inspiration as those artists you mention. Discovering The Charmed Studio <>was like finding a diamond in the rough. Cesar Milan writes *"you don’t get the dog you want, but the dog you need." * And I guess it must be the same for websites. You are proof of the power of positivity and just what my jaded creative heart needed. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. Blessed Be Kirsteen ✨


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