Hello, I’m Kirsty and for ten years the talent behind the renowned Covet Bespoke Milliner. 

A Scot’s lass that lives in the woods surrounded by the best of Mother Nature. Artist, writer and passionate environmentalist. One who adores books, malt whisky and mountains. 

I also write for www.rustywrites.co.uk and love to hike. Being outdoors with my dogs is where I am happiest. 

From childhood, Nature played a huge part in my life and prior to having my children, I was a Marine Biologist. Growing up, environmentalism was a way of life, not just a slogan. From this I learned waste was a bad word and how to be resourceful and creative. 

For so many 2020 brought change and disruption, I was no different.

But with this silver came the luxury of time - to take stock and a step into the unknown. Two paths merged into one and a long held dream took root.

It came in the shape of a plot of land with green plans.

As a life-long environmentalist, Mother Earth and the plight of the Planet are never far from my mind. So when she offered me an opportunity, I grabbed it with both hands - and Foggy Bummers was born.