Welcome to the Foggy Bummers Blog

Foggy Bummers Blog

Welcome to the Foggy Bummers Blog

Join us as we share our journey, pitfalls n all as we go from building an eco-friendly house to becoming a sustainable small-holding - with chickens, bees and everything else in between

Ever fancied it yourself? Well, Foggy Bummers is here to help. Learn from our mistakes. Get the benefits without the sting. With hints and hacks on how to live the Good Life. Honest, bull shit free advice. Although, we will be using a composting toilet, so there might be the odd blog post about poo 😂





I may have retired from millinery but creativity is never content. 

And before I begin, if your are wondering why I'm dressed like Frida Kahlo. This was me on the day I went to protest Trump's visit to Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, where he owns a golf course. By building it, he destroyed the unique sand dune system at Foveran Links. He and his team also spent years harassing and intimidating local residents. Trust me, I may look amiable in this photo but my placard wasn't.


Naturally as a designer, I am drawn to all things creative, but I have a particular affinity with Interiors. But to hell with trends. Whether its fashion or furniture, trends are designed to make you spend, spend, spend. 

Ultimately, minimalist or a maximalist, your home should reflect your personality. It might be 'on trend' but can still be devoid of character.

My home is much admired and visitors often compliment the eclectic decor. 

Although, maybe not currently! 

Sorting a house build, while downsizing and packing for van life like a squirrel stashing nuts - while figuring out how to run a business from a static in the middle of no connection land - mi casa ain't no Homes and Gardens.

But I digress...

More so, they are surprised when I tell them that give or take a few things, everything is either second hand or repurposed. This reaction makes me happy, because it’s proof a stunning home doesn’t have to cost the contents of a catalogue. 

People ask where I find things, but if I’m honest they find me. Of course having a good eye and an open mind helps. But most of all I loathe waste. With a little thought, one can breathe new life into almost anything. As my Great-Grunny used to say “mony a good tune wis played on an auld fiddle.”

However, I appreciate that not everybody is hardwired creatively. So sometimes it’s easier to just buy new.  However, it is this consumerism that has taken the Planet past breaking point. Mother Earth can not sustain the onslaught. Like an elastic band, she stretches, but only so far. Scientists predict we have approx. ten years. 

Environmentalism doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. It just takes thought. You may also think that given the seriousness of the situation, your efforts are futile.

But Greta Thunberg proves the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

I sincerely hope you subscribe, I'd love for you to be part of our journey.

One things for sure it won't be dull ✨


  • Hiya! I’m missing you in Insta, I need to be on here more to see what you’re up to. Hope you are ok x
    FoggyBummers replied:
    Hello Sooz

    Awh, that’s so kind of you to say, thank you for getting in touch.

    I’m good, busy getting ready for the move, up to our eyes in boxes!

    Lovely to have you here, and yes, please stop by anytime, be nice to keep in touch.

    I know you subscribed, so checking if you received the Foggy Bummers Bulletin a few weeks ago?

    Hope you are well ❤️


  • Wow, wow, wow, I love your site, totally, truly, absolutely unique, bespoke. What a celebration of soul.
    Thanks for creating it. I am going to subscribe.


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